It’s time begin your Quest with RYFY: “I’m so excited for this moment…Overview   Is there anything better than infusing SPIRIT & HIP Hop with Worship & Folk? We think not! The new RYFY album is a full-scale INTERNATIONAL effort by around 9 individuals to make this album happen. Support the release of this independently released album! . An utterly heavenly  place you don’t want to leave. This is the music to accompany that dreamy place. I hope everyone loves it and shares it.

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From the Rugged LANDS Of CHICAGO, IL...

Spirit Hip Hop Songwriter, RYFY, Is Making Waves Across The Globe

Fans say his voice truly unique – a blend of ethereal masculinity and controlled power. They call him “the Spirit man of hip hop” and describe the mood as “upbeat soaking music for spirit seekers”.

From ethereal songs to folk-tales, mysterious world instrumentation, and upbeat beats, RYFY’s voice is a breath of fresh air among a sea of male fronted spirit music.

RYFY is not currently a touring artist and prides himself on local family.

That decision hasn’t stopped RYFY from succeeding, nor have his fans shown any less support — maybe just the opposite.

RYFY continues to blaze new trails for independent musicians and true music-lovers alike.

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